About us

Kindness is at the core of Essence of Humanity: Our business is a 100% social enterprise.

Our goal is to build an effective and ethical natural skincare brand, whose products nourish your skin while enriching the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

When you purchase an Essence of Humanity natural skincare product, you’ll enjoy healthy, beautiful skin. You’ll also be practicing ubuntu - a Kiswahili word meaning 'human kindness' - because 100% of surplus generated from Essence of Humanity sales go to support the poorest children around the world.

The founders of Essence of Humanity know first-hand the devastating effects poverty has on children and their families through their work with communities in Africa. 

Cassandra Treadwell from Essence of Humanity has a history with social enterprise through the charity - So They CanHaving worked for many years improving the lives of communities in Africa (especially children) with her own charity So They Can, Cassandra Treadwell recognises that charity is a two way street. "Giving to these communities has been an investment in my own, and my family’s, personal wellbeing. I have learnt so much about how to ‘live well’ from the classroom of Africa." Cass hopes that our Essence of Humanity products will create a connection between the two worlds she lives in, a connection that will improve the lives of us all.

Social Enterprise Essence of Humanity's Cassandra Treadwell with children in AfricaYour Essence of Humanity product has been specially formulated by award-winning natural skincare creator, Stacey Fraser. Stacey has worked with some of New Zealand’s top natural skincare brands; if you’re a natural skincare aficionado, chances are, you’re familiar with her work. For Essence of Humanity, Stacey has selected only the best natural ingredients to create a range that nourishes your skin without impacting our planet.

100% ethical natural skincare. Kindness, it's the Essence of Humanity.