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Our goal is to build an effective and ethical natural skincare brand, whose products nourish your skin while enriching the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

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How We Work | Essence of Humanity | Natural Skincare & Social Business

Essence of Humanity is a social business. It was born out of a desire to help children living in poverty.

Essence of Humanity is a private company, limited by guarantee with only one shareholder - Essence of Humanity Trust - which is a registered New Zealand charity. 100% of surplus from the company flow into the Trust; funds are then distributed to charities working to alleviate poverty.

Essence of Humanity, a social business providing natural skincare products made from sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients

100% Social Commitment

Essence of Humanity is a social enterprise whose surpluses are given to help the world's most vulnerable communities. By purchasing Essence of Humanity natural skincare products, you will be making a valuable contribution to help support these communities.  We'll keep you up to date with milestones, achievements and upcoming projects through our blog.

100% Natural Skincare

As we're committed to building an ethical social business, our natural skincare ingredients are sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers - both here and abroad. They're then blended into the beautiful products by New Zealand's leading natural skincare laboratory. Before we sell them, our products are tested on happy human volunteers who give us good, honest feedback. Finally, all Essence of Humanity packaging is 100% recyclable, which you can pop straight into the recycle bin once you've finished.

100% Humanity

Having spent time in Africa, we’ve been fortunate to learn important lessons from African people – about simplicity, living well and finding pleasure in our everyday lives. In return, we want to share what we've learned from these beautiful people - so you can continue to learn how to live well, while enjoying great skin.

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